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Chapter 19: Naruhina The First Kiss

Naruto was walking next to Hinata holding her around the waist has they talked. Has a ninja he was taught to be aware of his surroundings and Naruto didn't miss how every guy they walked by looked at his girl friend. Not that he could blame them she was amazing and she was also blushing a little which made her even more alluring. They got to the gaming section of the festival this part of the festival was loud you could hear game attendants calling out to the passer bys. An it was exactly were Naruto wanted to be with Hinata he was looking for the perfect game so he could win her a little something to hold on to and snuggle with. Because once the festival was over they both knew that missions would keep them apart for various lengths of time.
" Step right up, Step right up, young man you should win this beautiful lady a prize all you have to do is pop three balloons you get four darts." The game attendant called out.
Naruto thought that this was perfect all the prizes at this booth were stuff animals. Naruto looked at Hinata.
" Which one would you like beautiful lady?"
Hinata blushed a little.
" Naruto you don't have to do that."
" I want to Hinata. Which one do you like?"
" Well I kind of like the little lion over there."
Hinata pointed at a little lion stuff animal it wasn't very big but it had blue eyes and Hinata liked lions. Naruto gave her a cheesy grin.
" Alright this is going to be a piece of cake I am going to do it with one hand tied behind my back." Naruto said this loudly
Hinata had to giggle he still acted like a boy sometimes. Naruto with one hand behind his back was not able to get all the balloons on his first try. But in true Naruto Uzumaki behavior he wouldn't give up and tried again with one arm behind his back this time all the darts popped a balloon and he handed Hinata the little lion stuff animal. She looked absolutely adorable holding on to the little lion stuff animal and the smile on her face with the blush on her cheeks made Narutos heart skip a beat he loved it when she smiled.

A little boy wandered over he must have seen Naruto popping the balloons because he was trying to do it with one hand behind his back but he wasn't able to. Hinata looked at the boy with compassion in her eyes and then she looked at Naruto.
" Can you hold onto to this for me Naruto?" Hinata asked
" Yeah sure but why Hinata."
Hinata just looked at him with a small smirk on her face and stepped up to the game booth she gave the game attendant some money. An with next to little effort popped all the balloons in her first attempt. Hinata then turned to the little boy.
" What's your name?" Hinata asked
"Ruz" The small boy said with a smile on
" Which prize were you trying to win?" She inquired
Ruz pointed at a tiny orange frog that was wearing a hidden leaf ninja head band and had a spear in it's hand. Hinata just nodded at the game attendant he handed her the little frog stuff animal and Hinata handed it to Ruz. The boy was so happy a small grin lit up his face.
" Thank you so much are you a princess. Like the one my mom tells me and my sister stories about." Ruz asked
" No I am not a princess but you are very kind to say so."
Hinata giggled. The little boy did not seem convinced.
" Are you sure your not a princess you sure are pretty like one. Do you think I could get a kiss?"
Hinata looked at Naruto for a minute he seemed to be enjoying this little scene very much.
" Your pretty bold for a kid but she is spoken for." Naruto said
" Thanks mister you must be her knight or prince or something like that."
Naruto grinned
" Yeah something like that."
Ruz turned to look at Hinata
" Well in that case since you are spoken for and all it wouldn't be right if you kissed me but could my little frog stuff animal get a kiss." Ruz asked
He held up the frog stuff animal and Hinata obliged the young boy and kissed the little frog stuff animal. She knew it was silly but she had a soft spot for little kids so she couldn't have told Ruz no. He looked at his frog nothing happened.
" Well maybe you are a princess form another story." Ruz shrugged
" Enjoy the festival Ruz." Hinata said
" Don't worry princess I will there is no way my little sister is going to believe this bye princess bye her knight." Ruz shouted
As the small boy ran into the crowd. Naruto and Hinata were both smiling.
" Cute kid. I think I have some competition."  Naruto said
" Well he was rather adorable. I guess you do Naruto." Hinata said jokingly

Naruto grabbed her hand again and started leading her through the festival towards his apartment. Hinata Hyuga was having the time of her life she had always loved the festival with all it's lights, sounds, and bright colors. Most of the time it had been Shino and Kiba who would be here with her and she would be wishing that she would just get to see Naruto. But tonight was like a dream come true for her because she was at the festival with the man of her dreams. Hinata didn't think that Naruto could possibly look more handsome then he did tonight and the smile that had been plastered on his face the whole time was making her heart do summersaults she was so proud that she didn't' faint around him any more. A small sigh came out. He looked at her.
" So What is you have planned special Naruto?"
" Awww come on Hinata I can't tell you now I have done such a good job not telling you and trust me it has been hard to keep a secret like this. You will find out soon."
" Naruto did you perhaps want to stop and get some ramen?"
" No I am all set Hinata."
" Are you sure they have all those specialty boxes you can pick up at the vendor stands?"
Naruto did normally go stock up on instant ramen for his apartment during the festival because they had kinds he couldn't  get at the grocery store but he could do that later if he remembered he had plans.
" Yeah I am sure Hinata actually I forgot something at my apartment and since we are kind of close to it now we will have to go get it."
" Okay Naruto."

They reached his apartment door and he held it open so Hinata could go in first. She gulped Hinata had always wondered what his apartment looked like on the inside. Even though yes she did sometimes watch Naruto form a distance she never watched him while he was in his home that would have been disrespectful. Hinata was staring at everything in the space all the colors were warm and there weren't really a lot of decorations but the few that were up all had warm colors the whole place was warm and cozy. Naruto even had a few plants on the shelves of his bookcase and in the corner of the room. What really surprised Hinata though was the fact that it was clean she had listen to Sakura complain how messy he was and she knew then that he must of cleaned it incase she saw it that thought made her happy.
" It is nothing compared to the Hyuga compound but it is mine." Naruto said sheepishly
" I love it Naruto the whole place remind me of you."
She smiled at him
" Yeah how does it reminded you of me?"
When Hinata's cheeks went red Naruto put a sly grin on.
" Well it is bright and warm and cozy in here."
" So you think that I am bright, warm, and cozy I think I like that idea a lot. Hinata"
She didn't say anything she just wrapped her arms around him. An Naruto had to wonder if she knew just how much he loved feeling her in his arms it felt so right.
" Hinata I have to go to the bathroom I will be right back."

Naruto went into the bathroom and has quietly has possible used his shadow clone jutsu. Two clones of himself appeared in front of him. The clones looked around and noticed they were in the bathroom and that they were dressed differently.
" We look good." One clone said
" Why are we in the bathroom?" The other clone asked
" SHHHHH will you keep it down." Naruto said
" Yeah sure so what's up?"  both clones said
" Listen I need the two of you to heat up the food on the counter it goes in the microwave each plate three minutes a piece this is important." Naruto said
" I think we can handle it." One clone said
" Believe it" the other clone said
" Alright I trust you both. Which is really like trusting myself this is important though so let's get this right. Wait to come out until you hear the door close upstairs then the two of you make the food and carry up to the roof got it." Naruto asked
"Got it" both clones said
Naruto finally came out of the bathroom.
" Hinata I have to show you something will you follow me."
Naruto held out his hand to her and Hinata followed him out a door in his apartment and up a fleet of stairs. Naruto smiled at her and opened the door to his roof.

Hinata could not believe what she saw there were hundreds of flickering candles all around the roof top and in the middle was a small table with two chairs it was under a canopy that was covered with flowers. On the table sit a small vase holding a bouquet  of flowers with two tall candles on each side this all sat on a white table cloth. The colors of everything matched and they were all Hinata's favorite colors purple, blue and yellow. It was so very romantic and special she could feel her heart growing with more love for the man beside her if that was even possible. No one had ever gone through this much trouble for her no one had ever done anything this special just for her. Hinata felt so wanted and so loved. She almost wanted to cry she was so happy. She turned around to see Naruto looking at her lovingly Hinata could feel herself melting just from him gazing at her.
" So do you like it?" Naruto asked
" I love it, I love you. I can't believe you did all this just for me. How am I ever going to repay you or doing something has special."
" I love you to Hinata. You don't have to try to do something special. Just to see you smile like that is more then enough for me."
Naruto pulled out a chair for her to sit down in he sat down right next to her. At that moment two of Naruto's clones appeared on the roof holding two plates of food and grinning at the two of them. One put a plate down in front of her
" My lady." One clone said
The other clone put a plate down in front of Naruto.
" Told you we wouldn't mess it up." the other clone said
Hinata was trying to cover her laughter with her hand.
" Yeah geeh thanks." Naruto said
With a poof both clones were gone. Hinata was still giggling happily next to him. They sit down and ate and talked about their friends and missions. Naruto had been surprised at first how easy it was to talk to Hinata about any and everything they both loved each others company.
" So Naruto did you cook this meal? It is very good."
" I wished I did Hinata. I am a terrible cook but I did order from that fancy restaurant."
" I will cook for us next time okay."
" Yeah I remember your cooking form that one mission it was awesome. You think you can make ramen?"
"Of course"
When they finished eating Naruto got up to bring the dishes down stairs. This was going to be Naruto's first real kiss to he popped a breath mint in to his mouth that made him laugh at himself.

Naruto went back up to the roof. To see Hinata standing there with a flower in her hand and she was smelling it with such a sincere and happy look on her face. Naruto wondered if Hinata knew just how beautiful she really was he shook his head that was what made her more beautiful was the fact that she was so modest and humble. He should have told her sooner that she was attractive. Naruto walked over to his radio and flicked it on that brought Hinata out of her musings. Naruto walked over to her and took the flower out of her hand it tucked it behind her left ear she blushed. An then he extended  his hand to her
" May I have this dance?"
Hinata put her hand in his as he began to lead them through the motions of the dance. Hinata was impressed an to be honest a little shocked that Naruto was a good dancer he could be a little clumsy at times. The smell of him and the nearness of his body made her heart hammer against her chest. Hinata knew that her cheeks were red she could feel the heat raising to them. As the music came to a stop neither one let go of the other. His blue eyes meet lavender ones there faces were mere inches apart she could feel his breath on her lips and all his muscles tighten. Her arms had come up to the back of his neck and her fingers were tangled in his hair. Naruto loved the scent of her she always smelt like vanialla and lavender her waist was so tiny he could feel her chest pressed against his all the muscles in his body tighten sensations he had only ever dreamed about were running tingly his body. He watched as Hinata closed her eyes and finally his lips were on her as the first fire work of the spring festival lit up the sky.

The kiss was gentle at first he didn't want her to faint. He just brushed their lips over one another's lightly he wanted to savor the way her lips felt against his. Her lips were soft and gentle and loving then he felt Hinata nibble just a little on his bottom lip it felt so good. Naruto nibbled on her lips a little to he felt her shiver form it and her mouth parted just  a little but it was enough he slid his tongue into her mouth. He couldn't help it he had to taste more of her he needed to taste more of her. He was battling with her tongue with his and his body was becoming hot all over he decided right then that he never wanted to stop kissing her. Hinata felt her body getting warm all over as Naruto sucked on her tongue in his mouth a small moan she had been trying to hold in escaped her. She sucked on his tongue to see if he liked it just as much as she did. Hinata felt his body tremble with hers. Naruto moved his hand to the small of her back and brought his other hand up to the back of her head. Naruto didn't think their bodies could get any closer but they did it was like they were melting into one another. He felt himself getting hard and he knew that he would have to break the kiss. He didn't want to but he was a guy and he only had so much self control and beautiful, innocent Hinata was to sexy for her own good with out even trying. Naruto wanted her. But he wanted to take it slow and to savor ever moment. It took all his will power but he pulled away. Hinata was speechless warm sensations were coursing through her body Naruto was so good looking and extremely sexy. Both there eyes were dreamed and glazed over. Both of them could see the unspoken lust in the others that neither one was ready to act on yet. Naruto gave Hinata the biggest smile she had ever seen.
" Now that was some kiss."
He was still a little breathless. She placed her lips lightly on his and whispered in his ear.
" That was the first kiss I have always dreamed of."
Naruto pulled her to him and wrapped her in his arms form behind  gripping her waist as they watched the rest of the firework display. To Naruto he didn't need fireworks him and Hinata created there own and he knew that he had never been happier in his whole life then he was at this moment. Hinata was the happiest she had ever been. Her eyes twinkled with love for Naruto everything about tonight had been perfect to her.
Well I know it took me long enough but yeah there first kiss. This is extreme Naruhina fluff and very romantic and cute. I hope that everyone likes it and that the first kiss was well worth the wait to Hinata it was lol. As always thank you for reading and all feed back is welcome.

All the Characters belong to Kishimoto.

Ukia and Kuin. Rojo and Raja. Ruz are mine

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